The Answer Begins With This

When Michael and I were in the bad days of our marriage, we looked for answers as to "Why?"
It was more than just the obvious stuff that was happening between us...it always is. Like in the movie, When Harry Met Sally, Harry's friend tells him that marriages don't break up on account of infidelity, it's just a symptom of something deeper.

That symptom is what we were struggling to get ahold of and when we finally did, things really started to change. And it's so simple you won't believe it! You'll wonder how you didn't see it before. Because all the answers you're looking for lie in just one question. Really....just one.

In today's Testimony Tuesday, we're going to tell you what that question is.

Everyone, if we can do it ~ YOU CAN DO IT!

Guys, if Michael can do it ~ YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

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