Responding Positively

The ministry that Michael and I are involved in encourages a husband to make his every waking moment all about his wife for the first 6 months of their restoration process. This is largely due to the fact that he hasn't done anything like this for most of their marriage up to this point.
Typically, a wife will respond positively to her husband when he's laying down his life for her and meeting her needs. This is easy to do if she hasn't been too humiliated or broken by her husband's past actions in the marriage. If she has experienced this with her husband, like I did, she will go into a self-protect mode and become wary of opening her heart towards him - even if he's doing it perfectly - and it will take time for her to heal and trust again.
That's O.K.! Just remember ladies that remaining wary can lead to bitterness which is not a good place to be and guys...a word to the wise; a woman will live in a shack with a less intelligent, less successful man who treated her like a queen than a successful, more intelligent man who treats her poorly.


  1. Hey Annalea, I really love how you are out there calling people to live in truth!

  2. Melissa HamiltonJune 22, 2009 at 1:06 PM

    It is tough for people to understand the concept from a short paragraph, but you do share the truth. Thanks for sharing this so others can be lead to healed and whole marriages!


  3. Yes, this is very good teaching. Thaniks Annalea for sharing.