Marriage 911

Can you imagine being able to call up your counselor at 2am right when you and your spouse were in the middle of a knock-down-drag-out? For free? To talk as long as you both needed to? To be prayed for and ministered to? Incredible right?

It happened last night during our ministry call! Normally, these calls last 2-3 hours but last night, we were on for over 6…..there are a lot of hurting Christian marriages out there.

Michael and I are on the west coast and the two couples who called in for help were in Florida and New York so it was quite late for them ~ about 2 in the morning. But here they were, in the thick of it, hurting and needing help and they were able to get it because of this ministry. Just sit back for a moment and take that in – how important that was for them. Haven’t you and your spouse been there? Wow…I know that Michael and I have and it would have been so awesome to know that we could pick up the phone and get some help.

So you wives, I hope your husband is treating you so well that you’ll never need to call us in the middle of the night out of fear or hopelessness or because he’s threatened to leave.

And husbands, I hope you’re treating your wife so well that she sleeps safely and willingly beside you each night with no thought of ever having to call on someone to calm you down and talk some sense into you.

But if you do…God has supplied that need through this ministry and, as we say on our calls, “…the lines are open!”


  1. I love reading about what a blessing you both have become for others. I love what God is able to redeem for Himself. It truly is a miracle. I also love how much you are available to share yourselves with others who are hurting. You are blessing so many others. Keep posting these stories. They are a nice reminder of His grace and mercy.



  2. Thanks so much, Nicole. Michael and I have been and continue to be greatly helped by this ministry. If our story helps even one couple get a restored marriage then we'll consider ourselves richly blessed indeed!