Responding Positively ~ Part 2

This week Michael and I have decided to continue speaking about a wife's response to her husband as he lives out laying his life down for her and listening to her heart.

Most of us ~ husbands and wives alike ~ come from homes where we never saw our moms respond positively to our dads for various reasons; perhaps it was an abusive marriage or your dad, like mine, was never around (my mom & dad divorced when I was two). Or it could be because our own marriages have gotten so bad that even the thought of responding positively to our husbands seems completely foreign. Perhaps the roles have been reversed and, as often happens, the wife has become the initiator in the marriage and the husband the responder and this never works (John and Kate are, sadly, a perfect example of this)!

Listen in on today's Tesitomony Tuesday for more of how this plays out in our marriage and don't forget that additional terrific resources to help you both along can be found here at Your Marriage Restored.
Remember....if we can do it ~ ~ ~ YOU CAN DO IT!

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  1. Hi I'm going to try and get my girlfriends to tune in with me next week we need this ministry