Mustard Potatoes & Afternoon Delight

One of the things that Joel and Kathy recommend to couples is for them to spend as much time together as possible. This even carries into working together ~ such as having a home business ~ which is something that Michael and I do. We don't have a home business, per se, but we work out of our home with this ministry, flipping properties and currently, Michael is getting back into his former business of mortgage finance. So, we spend a lot of time together at home making things happen!

And I gotta tell ya, as long as I get out on my own a few hours a week - we love it! For example, today I've got the fabulous mustard potatoes shown above roasting in the oven (recipe can be found a here at Smitten Kitchen, an uh-MAY-zing food blog I just found today) which we're going to enjoy for lunch, we talk, we touch ~ fabulous lovemaking afternoons when the baby is sleeping ~ we work, we catch up on shows we've missed, we go for walks, play with the kids....we're just together and it's lovely.

In our bad days, I dreaded going to work with Michael. Now...I look forward to it! What a difference some healing makes.

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