Give Away Time!!!

A recent discovery of over 100 posts on our blog has put us in the mood to celebrate! So...we've decided to give away ~ to one of our awesome readers ~ one of Joel and Kathy Davisson's books, The Man of Her Dreams The Woman of His! This is the first book they ever wrote and the initial information we got a hold of to get our marriage from hopelessness, despair and divorce papers to one of Outrageous Happiness. We want to share this with one lucky reader.

Watch the video below to find out how to enter this give away and post your comment.

We're excited! We hope you are too!


  1. This looks like a fantastic book that you're giving away!

    My husband and I haven't had a marriage in trouble but have had difficulties before. We've learned/are learning to communicate in and through everything. God tremendously blesses us. Our heart is to help other couples through their tough times. I think that this book will be a wonderful tool!
    I don't think that I have a question right now, but you know, Annalea, that I have no problems with asking you anything when it comes up! LoL

  2. Hello Annalea and Michael,

    Its me Rachel, you met me & my husband at LBCF, which is the church we married in. As you know we are currently separated, my husband wanted to divorce me but now has change of heart. We are taking (or I am) baby steps to move forward in the healing restored process. He has committed to wait for me to welcome him back in our home. I am asking Father God to fill my heart with love for my husband, in a sense: Restore the love that has been broken.

    I have high hopes in God and believe it is His heart for His children. He is a good God. I would love to get a hold of this book and read it for myself, I can't say my husband will, but I am committed to work harder on myself than anyone else.

    Hope to see you soon.
    High Hopes,
    Rachel Warrior Child

    PS: Thank you for this wonderful website and blogs i love them.

  3. You're right Kela, you definitely don't have a problem asking about something. Glad you left a comment and are entering this give away.

    Good Luck!