Think Your Wife Is Overreacting? Part 2

As we mentioned in last weeks video ~ Think Your Wife Is Overreacting? ~ this is a topic we could talk about for a long time so we decided to make a part two to follow up a bit more.

Guys, your wife isn't being unreasonable or insatiable or over-the-top about certain things. She's been deeply wounded, by you, for a number of years and, as you bring healing to her, there may be times when she speaks and reacts to you from that wounding.

Don't freak out. Don't get defensive, or justify, or tell her she's crazy or break out a laundry list of all the good you've been doing. Just be with her in it.

Did you get that?

Be with her in it.

Validate her. Love on her. Tell her your sorry - even if you didn't do what's she's saying or you think she's cookoo bananas.

Represent Christ to your bride.

Men of God, You Can Do This!

We Believe In You!!!

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