Why A Husband Resists Restoration...and what a wife can do

Even though they know their relationship with their wife is suffering, many husbands will resist efforts of marriage restoration. A typical scenario looks like this: a husband thinks he's trying and doing his best and because of this he will say it's his wife's fault that the marriage is suffering. Since that's the case (in his mind), then he doesn't need to do anything more than he already is, read any books, seek counseling, go to marriage workshops, etc. He tells himself (and his wife) that if she would just accept him as he is and recognize all he does for her and their family, then everything would be fine.

This is so not the case.

I (Michael) was one of these husbands even though I did read marriage books, went to workshops and sought counseling with Annalea. However, these things never taught me how to be a genuine Christian husband like this ministry has.

At seven months pregnant, Annalea said we either go to this Marriage Intensive or we're done (just a note, she'd already filed divorce papers and tried everything I'd asked her to including all of the above). I realized she was serious and began to genuinely consider the possibility of me having to look at myself and what I was (and wasn't) doing as being the problem in the marriage.

It took me a month of resistance ~ a month of keeping Annalea guessing and holding up the miracle we needed ~ before I agreed to go.

So what can a wife do if she has a husband like I used to be? Watch this weeks video to find out and don't wait another day to get your miracle!

If I can do it....Your Husband Can Do It Too!

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