Rules, Boundaries and Limitations!

Those of you who are familiar with Cesar Millan and have watched his show, The Dog Whisperer, will be familiar with those three words. Not only are they important in rehabilitating a dog, I daresay they also fit in our Christian walk and in our marriages.

Michael and I are convinced that a lot of what Cesar says on his show fits for human relationships (remember, he trains people) as well those of a canine nature. Recently, we were watching an episode in which Cesar was working with a woman who had two Doberman Pinschers ~ a male and a female ~ and some of the things he said were so awesome we got out a piece of paper and wrote them down because they can completely crossover to marriages.

"Dogs don't follow unstable energy. Humans are the only ones who follow unstable energy." Hello, wives who stay with their abusive husbands.

"Nervous energy cannot rehabilitate. We have to bring to the moment what we want to get out of it." Hello husbands trying to win their wives hearts.
"Rushing through the day just to try to get what we want only produces that fight or flight sense from those we're trying to get something from." How many of us have experienced that, especially in our marriages?

"I'm not doing this to hurt you. I'm doing this to remind you that we have to get back to a balance." How many times have you felt the Lord saying this to you?

This last one really gets me. It's like the Lord saying, "Rules, Boundaries and Limitations. Not to hurt you. To help you, to grow you, to refine you."

Just some food for thought.


  1. Point well made and point well taken. Thanks for we see God and his ways in Nature all around us !!

  2. Michael and Annalea,

    Just found you. Congrats on doing the hard work to beat the odds, and many blessings for helping others.

    Paul Byerly