Our Story

Joel and Kathy Davisson, the creators of God Save My Marriage, recently asked for our testimony and we realized that we actually hadn't really written about it here or made a video of it; it's been more piecemealed out than anything so we thought we'd get a bit more specific today for Testimony Tuesday (and because we're sending them a copy, it looks a bit different than you may be used to).

Actually, this was a perfect time to do it having just finished up an Intensive because when we do one, Michael and I are always reminded of where we were and where we are now and all that's gone on in the process.

Remember to call in to our weekly marriage ministry call tonight at 7pm (pst) to get some help for your marriage and if you're thinking of coming to a Marriage Victory Intensive, we're holding the next one July 15~18 in Anaheim, CA. We'd love to welcome you there and help you and your spouse get on the road to an Outrageously Happy Marriage!

If we can do it....You Can Do It Too!

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