God's Big Orange Chair

It being Mother's Day and all, today at church our pastor shared a story of how, when he was a small boy, his mother would take him in her arms and sit with him in the big orange chair in her bedroom and comfort him with a song (Mocking Bird) whenever he was hurt or sad. This memory holds much fondness for him which was evident in his telling of this memory.

I'm sure that today was a source of much joy for many women; perhaps it was their very first Mother's Day or they're blessed with children who took the time to honor them and make the day special for them. I know there are women for whom this day was filled with heartbreak and sadness because although they desperately want children, they have none yet and perhaps never will have a child of their own body or they've lost a child to death or drugs or alcohol. Maybe you're reading this and today was difficult for you because you never had a mother who held you or loved on you or was there for you like you needed her to be. Perhaps you're a wife celebrating your first Mother's Day without your husband because the two of you are separated or going through a divorce. A very dear friend of ours is currently in this boat and it's heartbreaking.

Our pastor pointed out that no matter what your story is, God can reorient it. He has His own big orange chair...the best, most comfortable big orange chair and He longs to bring you onto His lap and comfort you with a word or a song or a touch. I urge you to accept the reality of His provision for you.

You are so very loved!

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  1. This so very touched my heart. I'm one who didn't have this act of love in my life. I'm learning to love this way with my children. I can just picture that big orange chair God has...it's called the Throne! :-) Thank you for reminding me that I can crawl up into his lap and hear His love song for me. :-)Wannabe...Crown