A Wife's Role

You've probably figured out by now that the marriage ministry we're involved in really stands on a husband's toes with regard to how God calls him to treat his wife. Some people, even believers who don't fully understand what this looks like (they haven't read the books, been on the calls, gone to a Marriage Intensive, etc.), get really bugged by this saying that a husband can't be blamed for all of the trouble in the marriage...hasn't the wife played a part in it too?

Of course she has.

Doesn't she have any responsibility in the restoration process?


In this week's Testimony Tuesday video, I (Annalea) talk about a wife's role and responsibility in getting an Outrageously Happy Marriage. After all, this isn't just The Man of Her Dreams....

It's also The Woman of His!

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  1. Thank you Annalea...so refreshing! LOVE LOVE your hair...you are so adorable!

    Laurie of Don & Laurie