Why We Settle

We all have dreams about what married life will be like. A little girl dresses up like a princess and dreams of being loved by a handsome prince; a little boy pretends he's a super hero who vanquishes the evil dragon and rescues the fair maid.

So what happens? Many would say it's unrealistic expectations that are the problem. Many would say, "that's just how men are...that's just how women are..." Wives might say, "he never takes me out or tells me I'm beautiful and when he comes home from work he just sits on the couch and watches television but at least he comes home and he doesn't hit me and the kids can go to private school."


Husbands might say, "I may not have her heart and we may not have sex that often but at least I get hot meals, clean clothes, a clean house and I can play golf whenever I want."


Why? God has high expectation of His children and for His children. Why then, as Christians, do we leave those high expectations of ourselves and our spouses seemingly at the alter? Why do we just settle and think that this is as good as it gets?

Michael and I stopped settling three years ago and it was one of the most important decisions we ever made.

You so don't have to settle either!


  1. Sounds like you BOTH agreed not to settle. I didn't want to settle either. My wife fought and fought and fought change. Eventually, after almost a decade, I pretty much gave up. So we have a very low romance, almost no passion marriage.

  2. May God Bless you both to continue to grow stronger in his word and your marriage. It takes both of you wanting the same thing in order for it to work. You were very courageous to take the first step in getting the tools you need to make a change. This is my first time on this site and just listening to this video made me smile.