There IS Hope for Your Marriage!

This past Sunday, Michael and I concluded our most recent Marriage Victory Intensive. How we wish we could fully express to you how amazing it was; the incredible breakthroughs that took place for each of the couples and the taste of renewed hope that God poured upon them as they left. We've tried to give you a feel in this weeks Testimony Tuesday video and below you'll find two testimonies from one of the couples who were with us this past weekend.

Our next Marriage Victory Intensive will be April 29 - May 2, 2010. You don't have to continue to live in pain or just survive or even just stay together in misery for the sake of the your children.

There IS Hope For Your Marriage! You CAN both be Outrageously Happy!

Michael & Annalea, thank you for being such willing vessels for the Lord's work. A month before we came, my husband started reading Kathy and Joel's books and I started seeing a change. I truly believe a miracle has taken place in my husband's heart. I have hope for the first time in our 8 years of marriage. Thank you for helping us restore our marriage. You will forever be a part of our lives! ~ Rhea

The Lord has used Michael & Annalea to save our marriage. I was blind but now I see...I have been faced with truth to expose the life of pain I have brought upon my beautiful wife. The truth has set me free to love my most precious possession (my wife) and God's baby girl in the way she has always longed for and has desired to receive from me. We love you guys and you were the hand of God to rescue me. ~ Greg

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