How A Wife Deals With Her Issues

Welcome back video testimonies!!! We've missed bringing these to you each week and are happy to be back on track with them. Still working out a bit of visual kinks which we hope to make better over time but we're thankful and hope you'll continue to be blessed by these and get a better feel of who Michael and I are and what we've gone through, and continue to go through, in our restoration process.

One of the big things we've learned through this ministry is that many of the issues a wife has (past and/or current 'baggage') get taken care of as her husband brings healing to her heart and the marriage and that anything left over she will work on with the Lord. I'm definitely there in this part of our journey. Today's video talks about what this looks like for us both and how a husband can support his wife in this process.

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  1. Fruit UNTO God

    And so you say that the secret of a good marriage is for husbands to talk to their wives.

    You adding, When Jesus said husbands love your wives, He meant connect with them with words of affirmation, externalize for their internal edification.

    However, the Bible tells us: Let us NOT love by words only; but in deeds too (1Jn. 3:18); [1] Not by our works, which bring forth fruit unto death; (A) because herein we are in the motions of sins; and (B) because we are in the flesh (Rom. 7:5); But rather we are to be in the newness of service unto others, which is in spirit (7:6); Without which we are in that lusty covetousness, as those who are in that occasion, which is against the commandment [to love] in spirit (7:8-6); In spirit is not about bring fruit unto our spouse, it is about bring fruit unto God (7:4); Without which a woman is under the law of a husband (7:2); Which is the occasion that is just for the satisfying of the flesh, which is not my liberty to love within the above service (Gal. 5:13); God needing to give us the power to love in spirit (2Tim. 1:7).

    [2] Not by our works, which are mere darkness (Eph. 5:11); But rather in the spiritual (5:19); Which spiritual is the great mystery of how we are one with Christ together (5:32); Wherein the spiritual needs to be imparted unto us, if we are going to be comforted together (Rom. 1:11-12); Defined as;- not in conformity with the world [unto one another/for us]; but in the transformed service, which is our reasonable sacrifice unto God (12:2-1); As we are into pleasing one another, we are said not to be serving Christ (Gal. 1:10).

    IN CONCLUSION: marriage for the serving of one another is outside of why we are to be together, so that we could better serve God. Without which marriages do not last, because a couple can only be temporality satisfied to be together for the satisfying of the flesh. This is not love, it is lust. Once conceived this lust begets sin, and when this sin is finished there is nothing but death! Such lust passes away.

    You teaching men to tell their wives what they would like to be to them; to be for them; is not what being together is all about, which is just for our personal satisfaction. What a waste of life; small wonder that God does nothing to keep these self-serving marriages together. Rather a godly man should be telling his wife what God would like to be to her; and what God would like to be for her, because they are in the above spiritual offering unto God: This is the togetherness, which God works to keep together for His glory. My liberty to love by grace should never be judged, because it is unto the glory of God (2Cor. 10:20-31); Otherwise I’m just playing at love in lust, which is fornication (10:6-8).

    If your speeches, which are very fair, had Scripture in them, God might be able to use you for His glory. Instead, He seems only to be using you to extend the life of fruitless relationships together for a few more worthless years for self-serving activity.

    You should be reproving the unfruitful works of darkness; and proving what is acceptable unto the Lord (Eph. 5:11-10); Presenting our bodies unto God, instead of unto our spouse is a reasonable thing to do, which thing is acceptable unto God (Rom. 12:1-2). Herein I have proven what is acceptable, and good, and perfect, and according to the will of God through grace (12:2-3).

    All that is not needed is your yes and amen.

    If you would like some further help in putting all of these things together, for the glory of God: I am your obedient servant in the Lord Jesus Christ,

    Your brother Philip