Tomorrow Could Be Too Late

We can't tell you how many wives we talk with who've known for months - years even - that their marriages were in serious jeopardy. Women who's husbands ignore them, degrade them, are in affairs, verbally and emotionally abuse them....the list goes on and these are marriages of believers.

Sadly, being a believer doesn't exempt us from these kinds of troubles but in a way, and in my opinion, they make them more....baffling because we should know better right?

One would think. Yet a divorce rate that equals - and at time surpasses - marriages of non-believers begs to be noticed. Thinking that the large elephant sitting in your living room (in fact, following you around wherever you go) can be ignored if you give it a wide enough berth each time you pass by will solve nothing.

It's time to start dealing with this now and we can help....we want to help! And you can begin to get some tonight by dialing into our weekly marriage ministry call at 7pm (pst); dial-in information is in the side bar.

Believe me, Michael and I have been there and experienced many of the same things you may have: abusive families or origin, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, drugs, alcohol, sexual addictions, fear of intimacy, passive/aggressive behavior, financial loss, divorce, death, blended family...


You don't have to do this alone. We love you, we believe in you, we'll stand in the trenches with you because we know what it's like to feel alone and hopeless.

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