Does Your Husband Love You?...What Would Her Answer Be?

"Does your husband love you?"

What would your wife's answer be? If her best friend asked her in strict confidence while they were out shopping and she felt truly safe, my guess is that ~ if you're not being the husband that God's called you to be ~ it would be a completely different answer than if she were fielding the same question from you, your pastor or one of your mutual close friends.

When Michael used to ask me this question in our bad days, I felt obligated to give an answer that he wanted to hear; one that I knew wouldn't end up causing an argument or a sleepless night. My answer wasn't truthful, of course, not like it would be if I'd been giving it to my best friend. With Michael, I knew my heart wasn't safe; with my best friend...I knew I could talk about anything.

Today, we share how a husband needs to be with his wife when she gives him her honest answer. This way, she can give a glowing report when she's asked this soul-searching question.

Don't forget...if we can do it ~ You Can Do It Too!

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