Saturday Morning Sweetness

Yesterday we got a new laptop. While it was an absolute necessity and we got an incredible price on it (woo hoo!) it's such a fun toy! I'm telling you I feel like a kid on Christmas morning with this thing which, yes, I am currently typing on (smile).

So, now that I've got lots of memory under my fingertips and am able to download all of the newest versions of my favorite programs I just have to tell you that I absolutely love the Genius feature on Itunes (no shameless plugs here). I can play one of the songs in my library and Genius will pull up all sorts of recommendations of similar songs that I may enjoy.

Michael and I have had so much fun this morning playing with this. Laying in bed with Itunes open on the computer and our naked feet playing together beneath the covers, we've totally been reliving our lives in the 80's! Remember this one? Whatever happened to them? Oh, I totally loved that song! Totally!

Honestly, we've been at this for about an hour now and I don't see us stopping for a while yet...good thing the boys know how to get their own cereal! Now if someone would just brings us two cups of coffee the way we like them and some delicious snacks....and entertain our kids for a while...we'd be set! All this to say, dear readers, go have some fun with your spouse! Play together; talk, laugh, tickle, sing and dance - in your jammies or, as referred to in one of my favorite romance novels (when I used to read them), in your all together!

This is making love at it's funnest!

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