Husbands, Be Like Jesus

For the next several weeks, the Testimony Tuesday posts will be excerpts taken from Joel and Kathy Davisson's God Save My Marriage Forum. Much of what is written over there and the stories of other Christian couples working to get their marriages restored is really amazing and we encourage you to check it out, get registered (it's free) and start a thread of your own story. You will find much help and gain a lot of knowledge and support from the moderators (including Michael and me), Joel and Kathy, and other husbands and wives learning how to have an Outrageously Happy Marriage!

Today we give you a post from Pure In Heart (her forum name) who is a prolific poster on the boards and who's own story of a restored marriage is nothing short of amazing! Remember, the core message of this ministry is a husband going first to win his bride just as Christ (the husband) went first to win us (the bride).

God is clear about His design for marriage. It is actually so simple and yet profound. It is uncluttered with rules and regulations and only develops our relationship skills, so that, not only are both valued and loved but we know God in deeper ways because of it.

That to me is heaven on earth. It is that sublime picture of salvation. In the midst of many religious thoughts and systems there is ONE that is unique and uncommon among all the other gods. It is God's truest picture of love. God wanted a bride and a family to love. He sent a bridegroom to die, so that, in light of the revelation of that love, her heart would respond to His sacrifice for her.

God came to her. She did not first come to Him. He died for her...she did not die for God.

His sacrifice was so far-reaching and His love so perfect it would heal her and make her whole without any flaw or noticeable defect. She would be washed and holy and blameless. Her heart would freely respond, not out of obligation or sense of duty or fear but because she must love Him back.

She was never forced or demanded to love. No conditions. No earning it. She was not threatened or bruised in spirit to make her submit to His will and purpose, she wanted to, as He made her secure and safe. He could be trusted; after all, He willingly proved it with His own life.

Husbands, Be like Jesus...

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Remember, if we can do it....You Can Do It Too!

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