Southern California Marriage Intensives Now Here

You would have been able to knock us over with a feather if you'd ever told us we'd be involved in marriage ministry just two-and-a-half years after being separated for the third time with divorce papers still hot off the press (or wherever they come from)! Yet, here we are doing just that and being continually amazed at how God is using our story and what we've learned since then to touch other couples and give them hope for their marriage.

You may already know that Michael and I facilitate a conference call each week on Tuesday nights as part of helping to share what we've leaned through Joel & Kathy Davisson's ministry and today we have some fantastic news to announce!

Next month (November 19-22) we will be holding our first Marriage Intensive Weekend out here in southern California! We're so excited to be able to offer this to all of you west-coasters who can't quite make it to Flordia but want to learn how to move your marriage from crisis mode into being Outrageously Happy!

Remember, if we can do it....You Can Do It Too!

Just give us a call at 562.438.7248 or send an email to yourmarriagerestored@gmail.com to reserve your space for this life-changing event during which you'll learn how to Rebuild Your Marriage, Recover From Adultery and Abuse, and Enhance Your Marriage Using the Life Changing Principles that God Taught us.

Michael and I are not licenced councelors in any way. We're a married Christian couple who've been where you may be ~ in complete crisis. Our hearts are to see your marriage restored as ours has been by giving you the tools to do so and sharing with you how we got there.


  1. Wonderful news for the two of you.
    Along with my family Thanksgiving preparations...I always make a big deal of cooking a HUGE turkey and all the stuff with it...I will remember to pray for both of you as you embark upon this new realm in your marriage journey.
    God bless you with willing and open hearts and of course, much fruit which you will be able to see.

  2. We are so thrilled for both of you...this will be awesome..this is a Ministry from the Lord that fits you perfectly...God is making room for your gifts..it is your date with destiny...heaven is calling your names.

    We pray God's anointing upon you both and that your hearts to serve Christ will be bring pleasure to the Father. We pray marriages will be healed and restored.

    We love you,

    Joshua and Kimberly