Never Give Up!

As husbands, you need to be single-minded and passionate about winning your wife's heart; as single-minded as this young man. As passionate, as dedicated, as willing.

How are you going to show up when THE Coach calls your number?


  1. My thoughts are to write you about the Birdegroom's heart...our Eternal Husband..if we would open our spirits to His Spirit...break up the fallow ground of our lives and allow God to plant His seeds of truth...to put aside our notions of love and embrace God's own heart in the matter..that we are His Bride and our God is our champion..our King and Lover of our Soul..It is God who spins, like golden threads, the fascinations of romance and passion...God who is ravished by His Bride and is swept away by her beauty..let sons of God everywhere be enthralled as their own Christ...let love be the greatest desire and delight of our hearts...forever...

    Christ's love was demonstrated out in the open...the onlookers were those who did scorn and despise the spectacle Jesus made of Himself. To hang naked between heaven and earth..to be brutalized in every conceivable way... gives a husband a picture of the cost of love. What many think as degradaing...what we think of as a repraoch; is what Christ was willing to do to prove His love. God earned our love??? How can this be? We can not fathom this. Yet, even our own selfishness and ignorance did not hold Him back from a Cross. Jesus chose it for us. He chose it freely without one thought for Himself. Amazing love.

    We who mock sacrifice...could only be redeemed because of it. It is not demonstrated with only trite words and phrases...it was not a half-hearted attempt..but a love that went the distance...it chose death and the grave to show the whole world a living picture of love's truest meaning. Christ's death opened the floodgates of the Father's heart to every living soul. Though we fight it, we run from it...we hide and make excuses why we have no need of so great a love...there will never be any way of escaping the awe and wonder of the God who IS love.

    Jesus felt no frustration or resentment in having to give Himself to meet the needs of His bride. Oh, and her needs were great!! What was once the perfect idyllic relationship had become the bottomless pit of sin's destruction. His bride was unworthy and stained.....marred from sin beyond recognition.... once created to reflect God's own image and likeness had now altered God's purpose in Creation. Oh..but the Father had another plan...

    God's own wife could only be rescued by love. A love so costly...that Jesus would have to exchange His life for hers. Love that was violent and as strong as death itself.

    So here is the actual messy, brutal, bloody scene of LOVE. Here is a Garden, a scourging post and a Cross. On the other side a cold, dark tomb...void and empty of life as we understand it. God was pleased by the sight He beheld. His heart overtaken with His Son's obedience and His heart. God so taken aback at the depth of worship ONE sinless Son would offer Him. God could not hold back His Spirit and Breath from His Son's lifeless body..God MUST make good for all of eternity and offer that eternity to men...God cut off death from having the final word...God stopped evil dead in its tracks. God resurrected Jesus!!!!...not because of death...but because Christ had proven LOVE. God's claim for the hearts of men was validated and sealed. Jesus established forever what the highest pinnacle of love would look like. Christ BECAME love. The Father MUST make LOVE a living testament to His SON. The Father MUST give Christ a reward.......

    God gave Christ a BRIDE...

  2. continued....

    There is a way a man can show his wife adoration that is scorned by lesser men. There is a love that says I will be undignified if I must... to pursue and apprehend the heart of his true love.

    Go and LOVE likewise...let God bring your pride to nothing and humble you..a humility that brings sweetness and boundless comfort from God. Show outrageous acts of kindness and love. Say and DO those things that lesser men would balk at. Let God expose your passivity and coldness of heart and instead light the fire again of passionate love. It took Christ a Cross...it will take you far less than this. Christ led the way and gave you that supreme example. Cry aloud until God fans into flame the embers of your heart. God will ignite, FIRST your love for Christ and from that renewed relationship God will show you the way back home to the heart of your wife.