Is Your Marriage A Freak Show?

It's amazing to Michael and me how many people think that living out our marriage as God designed it is some sort of side show curiosity. You know, the shows at carnivals where you pay a dollar to see something somewhat freakish. You're wowed and amazed and even a little uncomfortable by the site before your eyes. You marvel at secure, well-adjusted children, a happy wife and a contented husband and walk out thinking something along the lines of, "Yeah, right....like that ever happens!"

Anytime we choose to do something God's way, we open up the door to questions and lifted eyebrows; maybe even rejection. It's a risk we're willing to take. And I'll tell you this: our marriage is more solid now then it's ever been. We're more in love, more connected, more intimate, more....ONE than we've ever been. And we know we'll remain that way because going back just isn't an option.

We love sharing our story with you and pray that God will use what we've learned and continue to learn to touch a place in your life and heart that you will want to explore and move forward in as well!


Welcome To The Freak Show!


  1. How cool is that!! You spoke that in words that I didn't even know that I wanted to utter, but are so true!!
    My hubby and I are baffled that couples, Christian couples, don't strive to do marriage God's way.
    Thanks for putting it in terms that I hadn't thought of.
    Yeah! Welcome to the freak show.

  2. Thanks Kela! It is baffling isn't it? Glad to know that we're not the only "freak show" marriage out there :-)

    Good for you and your husband for living your marriage as God intended!