Vacation's All I Ever Wanted

I love our children.

I really do.

We just got back from a family vacation (see above for the view from our room) a few hours ago and while we were only gone for two days (count ‘em…just two), I can honestly tell you that I can happily wait until next year to do it again. The kids are just SO busy; the word RELAX is not on their radar or in their vocabulary. Plus, I’m now extremely aware of just how much Michael and I need to get away by ourselves; even if it’s just overnight (and NOT filled with activities that don’t include spa treatments, shopping, succulent foods, delicious wine and much lovemaking).

I once knew a woman who shared with us that she and her husband made a point of getting away together for a couple of days every six weeks! I am SO on board with that ~ let me tell you! And I’m determined to make it happen!

Time together for a husband and wife is vitally important; time alone together even more so. I want to encourage you both to make this a priority in your marriage. Guys, this is mainly up to you in the beginning of restoring your marriage because your wife needs you to pursue her in a positive way.

So get to booking that romantic (and relaxing) weekend for two!

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  1. WOW~ looks like an awesome place to reconnect as a married couple. I would LOVE to do that. Thanks so much for the encouragement and reminder to take time for each other and get some alone-time together!