Is Your Wife Worth 8 Cows?

There was once a father who had a daughter who wasn't at all pretty. Because she was so ill-favored, he despaired of any man ever coming to offer for her.

Now, in their tribe, when a suitor comes looking for a wife, it’s common to give a dowry and 8 cows is the highest most grand amount given. This particular father knew that his daughter would never fetch such a high price and would have been happy to receive even a small goat or a chicken…anything for that matter.

One day, a young man shows up at the father’s door and says, “I want to marry your daughter.” Well, the father can’t believe it – he tells him to just take her and that he doesn’t even have to give anything. But the boy wants to give 8 cows. Flabbergasted, the father asks, “Why?” The boy replies, “Because I’ve always wanted an 8 cow wife.”

Do you know what’s so beautiful about this story? It’s that, eventually, that woman became an 8 cow wife….the most beautiful woman in the village...because her husband treated her as such.

Husbands, your wives live in a cruel world, one in which images are put on the television and in magazines that aren’t realistic. Sometimes your wife compares herself to them and finds that she doesn’t measure up. The world says that she has to be a super model or look like a porn star in order to keep her husband’s attention, have romance or to have someone be passionate about her. Sometimes, sadly, you reinforce this. Yes, I said “You.” Is the only time you hug or kiss your wife before sex? If that’s so, I promise you she feels cheapened each time.

Many men claim to be biblical because they do a few good things but very few want to be biblical in the way God has commanded them. The life of a Christian husband begins with simple obedience to this command: Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her.

Are you ready to be obedient?

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