What Is Love?

This week we're mainly addressing husbands and how they love their wives. Is it on your terms guys or is the way she needs you to love her? Is it to serve you or is it the way God called you to love her...unconditionally?

The command: Husbands, love your wives.

The command fulfilled: just as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her.

So, how are you to lead your wife? In love. What kind of love? The love of Christ. How is that demonstrated? By laying down your life for her. Notice that the bible never tells you to lay down your life for the ministry you may be involved in or for your children; but it does for your wife. Notice that it never tells you to lay down your life for your parents or you job...but it does for your wife.

Notice also, that the bible never tells a wife to lay down her life for her husband. The thing is though, she often does. Why? Because she's relational, she had dreams & hopes, she's a Proverbs 31 woman, she feels that's what's needed to hold the marriage together and because she just loves you you big dope even though you're not treating her like the daughter of God that she is.

So, stop claiming to be living as a biblical husband just because you do a few good things. If you're truly a man of God, then your wife will be more pleasing to you. You can make her bloom and grow because of your ministry to her and because you're loving her the way God has called you to and the way she needs you to.

Believe me...if Michael can do it ~ so can you!

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