Who's Loving Your Wife?

This is an actual billboard that was done by Joel & Kathy Davisson to advertise their ministry. It's a bold statement. When they were asking the members of their ministry to help them come up with a slogan, I remember telling them that it needed to be something that would create a visual "accident". I think they succeeded.

If you've seen the moving FIREPROOF, then you'll know how vulnerable a wife can become when her husband isn't loving her the way she needsto be loved and is being emotionally and verbally abusive towards her.Her heart can become so empty that when a man, who isn't her husband,pays her a compliment or notices she's sad and offers an interested ear,a place within her that is meant to be filled solely by her husband can begin to be filled by someone else.

I'm going to make a bold statement myself and suggest that when a Christian husband isn't loving his wife the way Christ has called him to, when he isn't willing to sacrifice everything for her, when he isn't loving her as he loves himself, when he's ignoring and neglecting her, criticizing her, blaming her for their problems, taking second glances at other women or looking at porn, when he isn't loving or respecting her (yep, I said respecting), when he is relating to her the way that he wants to, when he's being violent with her or when he's taking her for granted and not even talking to her, that he is practically pushing her into the arms of another man and causing her to sin.

Does a Christian wife have a choice? Of course she does. No one is holding a gun to her head and telling her to get into an affair or else. She's responsible for her own actions and will have to answer to God. The thing is, no Christian woman who is being shown agape love by her husband would even entertain the thought of an affair, emotional or otherwise. When her husband is meeting her needs, when he turns off the tv and takes a walk with her because he knows she likes to go for walks with him, when he pays her compliments and takes her out on dates, when he helps her with the children, when he buys her little gifts on days that aren't associated with a specific date, takes her to a movie that she likes, persues her (and only her) sexually, is in tune with her and attentive and asks how she's feeling, there's no way in H-E-Double Hockey Sticks that she's going to be even slightly vulnerable to some wolf in sheep's clothing that comes her way.

She just won't.

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