Feeling Safe Everyday

One of the gals I follow in Twitter, Sheila Wray Gregoire, has a great blog called To Love, Honor and Vacuum, which I really enjoy keeping up with. She has a great Wifey Wednesday topic today which really lines up with what the marriage ministry we’re involved in stresses in such a huge way – a wife feeling safe with her husband – so I wanted to post my answer to her question: How does your husband make you feel safe?

I can definitely tell you how my husband does it: he listens to my heart. He’s totally in tune with me and attentive to my needs. If I wake up at night feeling anxious or unsettled, he pulls me towards him and prays for me. He washes my hair at least twice a week and plays with my hair every night before bed. He never raises his voice to me; instead he says kind things to me and tells me everyday that I’m beautiful and sexy. He helps with the housework and the kids and he works hard for us. He’s quick to apologize. He’s completely devoted to me and our children. He’s basically just kind to me all the time.

Ever since Michael learned how to become the man that God has called him to be, he’s become the husband that I need him to be. The result? Our marriage, and my heart, have never been better and I’ve never felt safer with my husband than I do now!

Yippy Skippy!

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