Our Failing Marriage Kept Getting Worse

As believers, we know that God has a perfect plan for us, a plan of peace...to give us a future and a hope. My husband, Michael, and I believe this applies to every aspect of our lives ~ even our marriage. So why did ours end up in crisis? Why is yours?

Believe it or not, men and women both had a dream about what their marriage would be like and it never included the chaos that you may be in now. Despite the warm fuzzies that we both felt for one another when we were dating, our marriage didn't look anything like we thought it would or should for that matter. We both loved God and wanted Him to be at the center of our marriage, so why the tears, the fights, the craziness, the frustration? Because we kept doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, this time. All we got were the same fights over and over again.

We wanted to have a biblical Christian marriage and so we sought marriage counceling, went on marriage retreats, read books on how to have a great marriage and listened to popular pastors speak on on the subject. We did get a few golden nuggets from time-to-time that seemed to help but only for a few weeks or months and then we just went right back to the insanity. Perhaps you've both experienced the same things.

For a moment, imagine all of the couples that you know who appear ~ on the outside ~ to be happily married. In fact, if they were to divorce you'd be totally shocked because you didn't even know they were having problems. Now stop and realize that, according to statistics, half of these marriages will end in divorce and the other half that does appear "successful" contain one or both partners that aren't really happy at all but they're staying together simply because they know that God hates divorce.

Not very encouraging.

Two years ago, Michael and I were in crisis. Our marriage kept getting worse to the tune of three separations, emotional and verbal abuse, filing for divorce and a restraining order. Just when we thought it was completely over, I found a christian marriage ministry that gave us the missing ingredient in our marriage; not more of the same re-packaged teachings that have been popular for these many years and the answer is a biblically-based and totally new paradigm.
God does have a perfect plan for your marriage, one that can bring about changes that you've never thought possible up to this point. Michael and I have been living this out for two years now and while we're still on the journey, our marriage is completely different from what it was before.

If we can do it ~ you can do it too!

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