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April 14 - 17 Marriage Intensive Testimonies

My experience at the Marriage Intensive with Michael and Annalea was a powerful one. It was very eye-opening on many levels. Michael and Annalea were very kind and respectful in their approach but at the same time they weren't afraid to speak the truth. I really appreciated their honesty and authenticity. They were very genuine and easy to relate to. Michael and Annalea were incredibly generous with their time and gave freely of themselves to all of us. I so appreciated their sensitivity and wisdom. They have given us hope and the courage to trust in God and each other. They have blessed us greatly! ~ E.W. (wife to B.W.)

The opportunity spent listening to Michael and Annalea describing the relationship between my Lord and the parallels to my marriage to my wife have been truly prophetic. I personally have never delved into such revelation to the beautiful relationship that our Lord has intimately designed for me and for my wife. There are moments in time and life that are such a turning point in our personal and social beliefs that change completely and reconstruct your true core. The church as we know it has portrayed and delivered a message of false hope when it deals with marriage. The Lord chooses His time and place for revelation to take place and I have been fortunate to be a witness and a participant in the true intersession of His hand upon His loving creation; man and woman. ~ B.W. (husband to E.W.)

Michael and Annalea bring scripture to real life, taking the bible and challenging us to use it as a living document - walking it out in the intricacies of everyday life. Realizing the enemy does seek out to destroy - but in lambs clothes - leaving just enough disconnect to take the total power out of a man's right to be humble (that he doesn't know he wants!). Thank you for showing us how to restore the power of the Holy Spirit! Praise be to God! ~ B.H. (wife to D.H.)

I have learned more about myself and my relationship this weekend then ever before. Thank you for all the hard work you both have done this weekend and I pray for your ministry and your protection from the enemy because I know he wants it stopped. It's blessed Billie and I so much. Thank you! ~ D.H. (husband to B.H.)

This has been amazing. The open conversations that we have had have broken strong holds. Wonderful! You both present in a way that is open and transparent and that was contagious for the rest of us. Thank you for sharing the bad and the good and the possible. May God continue to fill you and use you as you minister to marriages! Blessings and love ~ C. D. (wife to T. D.)

Thank you for your transparency. I have a lot of growing up to do. You both have touched my heart and I'm ready to try on this new life style. I have seen growth in the other men in our group and even in myself even though I didn't think I had any baggage - boy was I mistaken! Now I see that I need to grow up and bring healing to my wife. The best money I ever spent! Thank you! ~ T.D. (wife to C.D.)

Michael and Annalea...what a pleasure! We appreciate your dedication to the work of God. To open yourselves up and to be intimate and transparent before us. When we came to the Intensive, we came with a happy marriage, not sure what we were going to obtain in knowledge from this experience. We are very pleased with the life tools and spiritual truths that you laid at the feet of Jesus for us to take. Gos id good! We will be equipped to enhance our intimacy and romance with the savior in our lives. Bearing in mind our purpose as role models to our children and breaking any generational curses that may be unseen. God is using you and we can begin to change the world one "possible" world at a t time. God bless! ~ M.H. (wife to T.H.)

Thank you for your time and dedication to marriages. It has been an eye-opening experience as to what a Christ-like example looks like. I have often heard but didn't know what it looked like. I pray that God will continue to bless you through this ministry. ~ T. H. (husband to M.H.)

A marriage restored begins with hope restored. This 4-day Intensive has restored a ray of hope in me for my marriage. Praise God! ~ L.B. (wife to T.B.)

I went through marine corps boot camp in 1968. Drill instructors favorite attention getter was a quick punch to the solar plexus which takes all the breath out of your body, drops you to your knees and leaves you struggling for air. That's where I am right now. I thought I wasn't abusive. I am. I thought I wasn't controlling. I am. I'm passive and quiet and have starved my wife emotionally. I've got to be different for her and for me. I will. ~ T.B. (husband to L.B.)

My testimony is to take the concept of the ministry "To love my wife as Christ loved the church," and never give up. Agape love all the way! Thank you. ~ J.A. (husband to A.A.)

December 2 - 5 Marriage Intensive Testimonies

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the answers of why I have been in so much pain. Now I am able to go forward as a married woman and helpmeet; and Rob, as a Christ-like husband. I am truly blessed to have you in my life and continue on my journey of being a healed woman. I love you two, Mary

The Intensive class has opened my eyes and I now understand that I need to change my thinking. I need to be the initiator in our relationship and I need to apologize to my wife for all of the times I wronged her. I really want to be a Christ-like husband and complete our family. Rob

This was the best experience of my life. I've learned and have healed so much. I've learned that everything starts with me. I need to become the man that my wife and kids need me to be so that they can become the wife and kids that they need to be. After only two days into the Intensive, I saw a change in my wife's life and she didn't even go with me; it was because she started seeing the positive changes in me. Thank you Michael and Annalea for all your support and for teaching me how to be the man of my wife's dreams. Alex

We drove here not knowing what to expect. My husband didn't really want to be there at all. I felt uncomfortable but my focus was to get us to the Intensive. The first day was very eye opening by the end of the day he seemed different but still unsure. Now, here on our fourth day I feel that God is speaking to us and will lead our marriage in the right direction. Thank you Michael and Annalea. Lucy

Before the Intensive, I thought we were the only couple that fought as much as we did. I learned that we weren't and that we weren't alone on this journey. Initially, I was leary of coming; I didn't want to be uncomfortable and I didn't want to discuss my marital/personal problems with people I didn't know. This wasn't the case. Michel and Annalea actually made us feel like family; they made us feel comfortable and were receptive to all of our needs. I learned to take accountability for all of my mistakes and how I hurt my wife. I also learned why I created the mistakes. I learned how God wants me to be as a Christian husband and man. It was one of my greatest experiences. Ricki

Thank you so much for giving of yourselves and taking time out of your lives to care and share a new hope for marriages with couples in crisis like ours. After reading Joel and Kathy's book it opened my eyes to a new way of living in my marriage. I was hopeful that my marriage could be redeemed by this new way and that my husband would receive any of the suggestions but I wasn't confident that he would. He was upset by the things he read in the book prior to the intensive, told me he wasn't going to read anymore and he felt why should he die to himself and put my needs first since I've hurt him deeply by committing adultery. I knew he would struggle with the verse in Hosea and he'd be angry to read in the Bible that he first opened the door to adultery in our home by being a serial adulterer. He still doesn't agree with this verse nor many other concepts that were taught this weekend.However, I did see a softening of is heart. He did wash my hair, take me to get my nails done and he chose to spend additional time with me instead of hanging out with his friends at a basketball game. Our conversations have been different as well; less arguing and more discussing. I am cautiously waiting and watching to see how each day goes. I know God is bigger than all the mess we've created and I know following Gods ways will guide us into the life He meant for us to live. I also am realistic that new actions and a new thinking must consistently happen to truly see the blessing God has for my marriage. Gods way is not our way and His thoughts are not our thoughts, both my husband and I must take on a new thought process to see lasting change. Thanks again and God bless, Liz

July 15 - 18 Marriage Intensive Testimonies

I came to the Intensive hoping for hope yet fearing rejection by my husband. When I first read the red book, I had been so trampled that I felt it was a little far out there; I didn't feel like I could get him on board with something I could not see as possible for us. In order for the kids and I to move back home, the Intensive was one of the things we had to do ~ for my husband to win back his bride. At first he signed up because he had to. But by the time of the Intensive, he was looking forward to it. God really used Annalea, Michael and this material to speak to us. This makes so much biblical sense. We can't wait to apply these principles to our life and live out our marriage the way God intended. If you're a wife and not sure what to do, call Joel, pray and see what the Bible truly says. Follow God, follow your heart and talk to your parents - that's not against God's work. ~ Sky (wife to Blue)

Biblical, honest and straight forward teaching that defines how God intended marriage relationships to function. We were blessed by the loving and godly facilitation of the Intensive. I'm grateful for the understanding and challenges presented. Be good to your wife. Serve her. Serve Christ. ~ Blue (husband to Sky)

I have more hope for my marriage after this weekend, then I have had in our relationship since the beginning. It's still hard to fathom a marriage as amazing as what was presented during the intensive, but I can't wait to have a marriage like this. To think of my daughter growing up with parents who deeply love each other and having her see me treated like a queen brings joy to my heart, knowing what a huge impact this will have on her life. My husband was unsure at first if he would be able to really do this or if he even wanted to try. However, by the third day of the intensive, he finally made the commitment to really lay his life down, and that night our 10 month old slept through the night for the first time ever, and this also happened with the couple who came and spoke at our intensive! I hope this a sign of there being a change in our home even just with this initial commitment to this transformation process. Thank you Annalea and Michael, you both are such an amazing example of what is possible, and I am so grateful for all you have imparted to us this weekend. ~ Heather (wife of Drew)

Honestly, I was nervous coming into this weekend. I wasn't exactly excited to hear that the majority of my marital problems were because of me. However, I love my wife and I want an outrageously happy marriage. If coming to this intensive was what it was gonna take to achieve that happiness, then I was willing give it a shot. It's the last day and I have a long way to go, but I can confidently say that I have been equipped with the right understanding, a good game plan and a supportive community to earn the marriage that we deserve. Thanks!!! ~ Drew (husband of Heather)

April 29-May 2 Marriage Intensive Testimonies

We absolutely loved it and we don't want to go back home. This is the best trip we've ever had together. Thank you both so much for being so real, honest and for showing the Lord's faithfulness and love through you. Blessings & love to you. ~ Michele and Torey

Thank you for being a blessing to our marriage. We truly feel our marriage will begin to transform and blossom through everything you both have ministered to us this weekend. May God continue to bless your marriage, family and growth of the couples you both minister to! ~ Edgar & Daniela

I came with cautious optimism, a guarded heart and some fear. At the end of 4 days, I'm leaving with hope. We don't have an easy journey ahead of us, but we have more tools and teaching to guide us. After 29 years, we're re-entering courtship for Terry to do it the right way, considering my heart first above all. We will stay connected to the ministry for help along the way. We both need to change ~ Terry to put on his 'man pants' and me to encourage and exhort him to do the right thing. Thank you Michael and Annalea for sharing your lives and strength with us. We are incredibly grateful. ~ Sheralyn

Thank you Michael and Annalea for a deep, honest conference. You gave freely of yourselves so I could receive here. Hope that I can become the man God wants me to become (pick up my mat and walk). Hope that I can become the husband my wife desires and deserves. The truth and challenges and exhortations that you laid out has given God a framework for a new vision for my marriage and for my life. I received my miracle this weekend! Thank you! ~ Terry

February 18-21 Marriage Intensive Testimonies

Michael & Annalea, thank you for being such willing vessels for the Lord's work. A month before we came, my husband started reading Kathy and Joel's books and I started seeing a change. I truly believe a miracle has taken place in my husband's heart. I have hope for the first time in our 8 years of marriage. Thank you for helping us restore our marriage. You will forever be a part of our lives! ~ Rhea

The Lord has used Michael & Annalea to save our marriage. I was blind but now I see...I have been faced with truth to expose the life of pain I have brought upon my beautiful wife. The truth has set me free to love my most precious possession (my wife) and God's baby girl in the way she has always longed for and has desired to receive from me. We love you guys and you were the hand of God to rescue me. ~ Greg

The truth that you've taught broke the walls of protection that my husband has had built around him since he was a small child. He is finally talking, not demanding. He's kind instead of being destructive. Only God's truth could have done this. Thank you - blessings to both of you! ~ Joni

Thank you so much Michael and Annalea for your wisdom and dedication to the ministry of marriage restoration! Husbands, please, as Michael and Annalea put so well, please don't prolong the pain in your marriage. Get restoration! It is our responsibility as Husbands to be the initiator! Get to an Intensive and get the tools and understanding on how us as husbands and Men of GOD need to be for our wives and families. Having read both books and been involved in the ministry for 3 months, the Intensive brought so much clarity! My wife speaks the wisdom on how to be the Man GOD He has intended me to be and the keys to win back her heart. My beautiful bride continues to do so and I thank the Lord for her every word and her grace every moment of every day. I am truly blessed and don't deserve such a wonderful and amazing woman.

To see GOD's goodness, to watch the miracles and the transformations taking place right before my very eyes with my wife as well as the other couples was awe inspiring and the journey will continue forever. My bride and I are closer than ever. After the intensive my beautiful wife and I are back together after being separated for a little over 3 months and continuing our amazing journey towards and outrageously happy marriage! The Ministry literally saved our marriage! Thank you GOD! Thank you Michael and Annalea! ~ Scott

November 19-22 Marriage Intensive Testimonies

Michael & Annalea, Both of you are great. I am so glad that we got to meet you both. Thanks for teaching me a different way to love Jill; the way she deserves to be loved. You are so knowledgeable about the bible and down to earth. It is not easy to get my attention but you did - thank you! I think you did fix me. You are a blessing in what you are doing. May God continue to bless you both. ~ Tony

Michael & Annalea, WOW! We'd read the books over a year ago and not a big difference in our marriage but in the Marriage Intensive sessions, I feel and am extremely hopeful that it finally clicked and "he got it" and is "getting it"! Thank you both for your warm gentle yet firm and real way of communicating through this Intensive. I'm so thankful for your obedience to our Lord, in your personal lives and in this ministry. Thank you for your humility and vulnerability to share with us your testimonies. May God continue to bless and grow you, your marriage, your ministry and your family and business. Love in Christ, Jill.

Dear Joel & Kathy, Thank you for encouraging Michael and Annalea to step into leading an Intensive. Having been a part of their lives and met often in prior marriage programs and retreats, I can vouch for the transformation that has occurred in their lives. I am so thankful for Michael's call to invite me to this Intensive. Unfortunately, things with my wife have deteriorated to the point that she was unwilling to attend and is seeking a separation. There is no question this is a clue to the extreme abuse I have subjected her to. I have lost her heart and am encouraged to have found a ministry that truly has the answer. My hope and belief is that living it out and following the principles taught this weekend will lead me to healing my wife's heart, becoming the man of her dreams and being the man God has called me to be. D.M.

This weekend Marriage Intensive was amazing. To hear truth spoken through God's word about His design for His children in marriage was life breathing. I feel so refreshed and empowered to march forward in obedience as a daughter of the Most High. Thank you so much Michael and Annalea - it is beyond humbling to be a part of your first Marriage Intensive. Your testimony, realness and authentic love for one another gives so much hope. I am forever grateful that God delivered you to us just in time. Love Laurie.

Michael & Annalea, Your connection and calling is clear and present. You have given hope where there was none and I would say that your 1st Intensive was a Grand Slam Out of the Park! I now have "tools" that I never even knew existed before. I fully expect to continue to struggle with some of the new paradigms taught here though the overall message is quite simple. It's walking it out consistently (in the beginning) that is where the battle front lines are. My commission to "die to self" is all up to me (with grace from the Holy Spirit) to walk out. I cannot thank you enough for breathing new life into a nearly dead 33 year long relationship. Don.

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  1. This page is just SO nice! We are so proud of you Michael and Annalea! Exporting a HEALTHY marriage is one of life's greatest privileges and blessings!

    Joel and Kathy