About Us

Our names are Michael and Annalea and we want to welcome you to our blog, Your Marriage Restored.

Our marriage was in crisis before it even started. Despite the help we sought through our church, marriage retreats, books and expensive christian counselors, we got worse ~ to the point of separation, divorce and a restraining order.

Four and half years years ago, we came across the answers, based on God's Word, to the difficulties we were having and since we've implemented what we learned into our own marriage, things have never been the same.

Michael and I are truly on the road to living an Incredibly Fulfilled Marriage and we want to share with you what we've learned (and are still learning) on our journey. Through our blog, our hope is that you will be blessed by our story, that you will gain knowledge as to the struggles you may be having and achieve lasting victory in your own marriage.

We're not licensed counselors, MFTs or Life Coaches; we're a believing married couple here to share with you what's worked for us like nothing else has.

If Michael and Annalea can do it...You Can Do It Too!