A Devastating Loss...

If you've been following us for a while or have ever heard us on any of our ministry calls, you may know that my first marriage ended because my husband passed away and as heartbreaking as it is to lose a spouse, I can't begin to imagine how devastating it would be to lose a child. If you have, I'm deeply sorry....more sorry than I can say.

A couple of weeks ago, we got a call at 5 in the morning letting us know that the home of our friends, the Hogans, was on fire and two of their daughters were trapped inside. Despite every effort, the firefighters - while eventually getting them out - were unable to revive them and they passed away.

Not only has this family suffered the loss of their children, the home they lived in was lost as well ~ they'll be rebuilding their lives in many ways.

Unbelievably, Extreme Home Makeover is currently looking for a deserving family in Maine - which is where our friends live - to bless with a home and a Facebook campaign has been started to nominate this family. This article in the Sun Journal (their local paper) contains links to the specific facebook page as well as an email address to send your nomination to.

I have no idea what the criteria is for EHM when going through their decision process and, of course, a new home will never bring their girls back, but it could help them begin to rebuild their lives as they walk through this season of healing. Won't you take a moment and nominate them along with us and if you have a facebook page will you please post the link above in your status bar so that your fb friends can join the campaign? Thanks.

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