Marriage Restoration Success

Michael landed on something great during one of our weekly ministry calls a couple of weeks ago; Guys ~ get out of your wife's head. Don't assume how your wife will react to something you do or say. Instead, do the right thing (be Christlike) and let her decide how to react.

Trust that when you do the right things, the desire that God has put into her heart will come back to life toward you and then enjoy the results when she begins to respond warmly. Don't decide that she is going to reject you and then live from that. Get out of her head.

Ladies: Get out of husband's head. Enjoy his positive words and actions when he does them. Don't get into why he's doing them, how he's feeling about them, or if he want to do them....just enjoy the positive actions and words of love. Let him fight his own battles in getting his flesh to die and getting his heart and head into the right place.

Assuming that you know what the other is thinking and feeling can work against you and the marriage. Remember, you're both coming from a different place now so don't set each other up for failure. Walk out what you're learning together and set your marriage up for success!

Hope to have you both join us on the call tonight at 7pm! Dial in information can be found in the side bar to the right so don't be shy!

We care about your marriage!


  1. I am a man of 46 from Sweden, which is separated from my wife after 17 years of marriage. We have three children together and are both Christians. There has been a lot of problems in the marriage because of all my past problems and my half-hearted relationship with God. Finally got my wife enough and threw me out. After I was thrown out, I turned wholeheartedly to God and started at Bible school and experiencing the wonderful miracles with my personality. God is really working in the depths of my life. Despite of all the miracles I experience, my wife decided to divorce and believes she has married the wrong man. She did not trust in me anymore. We were separated in October 2012. The divorce is going to be a fact May 7 this year if God does not intervenes. Needs a miracle of God.

  2. I was browsing about Christian dating and eventually marriage. I found your blog which is quite interesting. Thanks for sharing. God bless!! :D