Bring The Rain

You all may know that Michael and I will be conducting our first Marriage Intensive this coming Thursday. I'll be honest...I'm a bit nervous about it. I want every detail to be perfect. Michael says, "Baby, it's not going to be perfect but it will be perfect for everyone who comes." It sounds like a bit of an oxymoron though I know he's right. God knows what every couple who will be there needs and He'll make sure they get it; it seriously has nothing to do with us. We're just the messengers...as it were. That alone blows us away and any of you reading this who knew us "back in the day" know exactly what I'm talking about.

That's just SO the Lord! as my cousin often says (Hi Roshi!).

That being said, Michael and I appreciate your prayers as we minister to these couples who will soon be with us and ask that you keep them in prayer also. And please join us in asking Jesus to Bring The Rain...


  1. Father,

    For the hurting and confused...the dry and thirsty ones...bring your rains of healing and refresh their souls and their hearts...bring rains of mercy and hope..that there is an Answer..it is you Jesus..the one who loves them and loves their marriages. You are love Lord..you are their everything. Breakthrough the hardness of each husband's heart...pour rescue and relief from years of rejection into each wife. Lord, let not one couple be snatched from out of your strong hand. Anoint their ears to not only hear but to do. Let your seeds go deep and produce a harvest of love in each life. Give each couple a determined and steadfast spirit to run their race with the truth. Break down every dividing wall..every impermeable fortress of disappointments and betrayal. Rain down your perfect peace and your mighty power and save, Lord. Save these marriages for your Name and Your glory...Amen.

    Anoint your servants lips to speak truth with confidence and boldness..to speak with authority and blessed assurance from on high. Let Your Spirit who teaches us all things bring the truth through them that is perfect for each couple. Lord, let God's graces and His gifts flow through them. You are with them wherever they go. They are blessed when they come in and when they go out. Let your very Presence be felt and known, Lord. Bring back to remembrance all that God has taught them. Every story, every Scripture, every marriage truth. Give them insight into each couple that will cause the hearer to marvel at You, great God. Your banner over them is love and they are underneath heaven's canopy surrounded by angels and every help. Bless the message and Your servants.

    In Jesus' Name...Amen

  2. Praying for your upcoming weekend.... We too went on a marriage intensive when our marriage was shattered and God RESTORED us! We will be praying that it all goes well and that marriages will be transformed!