An Intro to Us

Michael and I wanted to take a moment and introduce ourselves to you and what we hope to do by using the wonderful world of video to enable you to get to know us better by telling the story of where we've been in our marriage and where we are now and various moments along the way.

Beginning next Tuesday, we will be including a new video each week and our posts will all be under the umbrella of Testimony Tuesdays. Sounds fun doesn't it? Also, we hope to include testimonies from other couples we work with in our marriage ministry and also with couples we come across online who also have stories about getting their marriage restored which is always worth sharing.

If you're in crisis - like we were - or just settling because you think this is as good as it gets; if you're separated from your spouse or are wanting something more ~ something better ~ with one another, we urge you to step out of that mode and begin walking in the truth that YOU CAN BOTH HAVE the Outrageously Happy Marriage with one another that you deserve and that God desires for you.

Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for further updates and visit our other site ~ Your Marriage Restored ~ to get on your way to an OHM!

Remember, if Michael and Annalea can do it...so can you!

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  1. Great to see you and Michael! This is a really good idea, very personal. I'll look forward to see you both on Tuesdays! Love reading your blog every day. I'm glad we found each other :)