Why Go To A Marriage Intensive...

We recently heard a surprising statistic; that 75% of marriages get worse or end in divorce in spite of marriage counseling. We can definitely say that we fell into that category despite two years of secular and non-secular counseling. We literally spent thousands of dollars trying to get help for our marriage only to watch it free fall towards hopelessness. What we needed was a biblically-based alternative to counseling that didn't address us individually but as a couple and we found it at a Marriage Intensive.

Couples who attend have relationships that suffer from many of the following reasons:
  • they're engaged and experiencing problems with their fiance
  • there's a lack of affection
  • they have issues that always seem to resurface without any resoltuion
  • they're secretly miserable
  • they've become roommates without benefits
  • their needs are ignored
  • they're hardly ever have sex
  • there's been physical or emotional adultery
  • they're feeling controlled and manipulated
  • they resent one another
  • they have discussion that escalate into arguments or screaming sessions
  • they're struggling with addictions
  • they're experiencing verbal, emotional, physical or spiritual abuse
  • they're bored
  • they're staying together because of their family, social pressure, the church, financial reasons, etc.
  • a lack of appreciation
In our bad days, we could lay claim to just about every one of these issues and we were completely battle scared when we stepped into our Intensive on that first day. By the end...we both went home with a sense of hope we hadn't felt in years!

Marriage Restoration Intensives aren't large counseling sessions. You won't be asked to participate in small groups, break-out sessions or have to take homework back to your room each night. Instead, you will receive marriage-transforming principles, based on God's word, that you can take home and apply to your daily lives that will strengthen and renew your marriage.

If you're feeling drained and frustrated or are dangling on the edge of divorce, we urge you to consider attending our next Intensive....it's time to learn how to transform your marriage.

Join us for the next Marriage Restoration Intensive which takes place June 9-12 in Anaheim, CA. Just connect with us to find out more information and to sign up.

It's time...

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