Be Mine....

Believe it or not, Michael and I haven't had an extended period of time together, alone, since before our youngest was born. So when we were planning our trip to Washington for the marriage seminar, we decided to stay over a few extra days and hang out in Seattle.

Today couldn't have been a better Valentine's Day! We spent the entire day together just meandering through the city, going to the Pike Market, nibbling tasty treats, shopping, going to the movies, out for coffee, out for dinner....sigh....so much fun!

We wanted to share some of what today has looked like so here's some pics we took while out today. You'll see the foodie side of me surfacing here and Michael indulges me. He loves it! (he better, smile!).

sweet meringues

my valentine

delicious fresh fish

lovely lobster

our lunch...fresh crab cocktail

vibrant veggies

luscious fresh fruit

the greatest cooking store ever

michael's favorite

like a kid in a candy store

flower loveliness

love this! look at these 'last minute' guys

gorgeous cheeses

we just wanted to taste all of these!

evoo...one of our faves

salty yumminess

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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  1. Can I come next year? lol

    Love you both so much...thanks for sharing your life and your LOVE with all of us.

    It is such a blessing.