My Christlike Husband

Being married to a man who is truly walking out what Christ calls him to be as a Christian husband is an incredible experience. Not only do I feel deeply loved and safe, I get the privilege of watching him grow into the man God has called him to be!


  1. Beautiful Annalea! You look so restful. Thank you for sharing.


  2. I would just like to say Thank You, to both of you. My husband Michael, and I have been married 4yrs. 10 mo. The verbal abuse has been more than I can take, I have rocked my boat, and Michael has moved out, and has taken all of his things out of the house. He is very Angry. I have filed for a divorce, but I still Love my husband. He is Angry at God, say's he's tried the Christian Life, and it don't work? I am not giving up on the Lord. I have talked with Michael, and have expressed how his words hurt, me. Michael has never said he is sorry. He wants to get through the rest of the year by himself, He will let me know? He needs time because I have hurt him by putting, family first, job , church, everyone but him. Tomorrow is my Birthday, and all I want is God to take control of my life/marriage.
    I want to say thank you, for your testiomny. God Bless,
    Tina Hopkins