I Still Remember...

I found this picture of us last night. It's from our wedding day. I was looking at it and thinking about what a beautiful day it was and how much heartache we experienced in spite of it; in spite of ourselves. It was a sad thought. And then I was driving back from Starbucks this morning (yep, I'm fan) and this song came on the radio and it completely took me back to all of those sleepless nights and heartache-filled conversations. You know the ones. You know (or remember) the feelings.

It was a loss.

I know. Why go there when it's SO much better now? I don't know. Chalk it up to my mood, the song, cloud cover, the "picture perfect memories scatted all around the floor..." Losses can still be mourned, especially ~ I think ~ when the redemption is so sweet.



  1. I remember that day very well, too. What a beautiful wedding--and quite a shock when we found out you had been secretly married earlier! =) I remember your sweet little boys walking you down the aisle and "giving you away" to Michael. I know that God uses everything for our good, even though we have to go through the pain. Just a reminder that when you experience much pain and sorrow, God gives you more compassion for others who are going through similar circumstances. And, it's such a blessing to to be a blessing to others. I'm so glad God restored your marriage so you can help other couples save theirs. Blessings to you both. Love, Auntie Donna

  2. A friend just recommended your blog on the Christian Forums.com. And she's absolutely right. Keep up the good work.